apageAs a young child, one of my earliest woodworking experience was making miniature wooden race cars with my father. We would take the wooden cars with us to church and have a blast racing them with other kids on a racetrack one of the parishioners built. It wasn’t long after that when my parents hired a construction crew to build a barn for the family business. I was mesmerized by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into building that barn. I was always hanging around watching and helped whenever I could. When it came time to lay down the floor, my father and I decided to do it together. The result was a gorgeous white solid pinewood floor that is still in perfect working order today. After seeing our accomplishment, I was hooked.

However, a great deal of time passed before I feel in love with woodworking again. I graduated from high school, then college and soon fell in love with the woman of my dreams. After moving into our very first home, there was a great need for quality shabby chic furniture and we simply could not afford to buy furniture from stores. So I began building pieces of furniture for our home as the need arose. I built my beautiful wife Hannah a bedroom side table to hold her books and cup of tea. And I built a butcher block table for all of our meals as a family. Our house is full of custom handmade wooden furniture creations that will last a lifetime.

And I opened CSL Woodworking to bring the beauty of my custom handmade wooden furniture into your home. Each piece is custom handcrafted using both modern and vintage woodworking tools. I take great pride in using some of the same tools that my grandfather used to make wooden toys for me when I was a child. And I have even included Hannah’s family history into my woodworking creations by using her Great Uncle’s lathe to cut my table legs. He made it himself, out of found metal from old chairs and Coca-Cola bottle caps.

Each one of my custom wooden furniture creations tells a story of its own and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. Custom orders are encouraged. Feel free to email me about projects you have in mind.

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